Vinyl Gold at Biddy McGraw’s on 12-6-14

Vinyl Gold had a fun show tonight at Biddy McGraw’s in Portland, OR! We tried out putting the band in a “U” shape, instead of the usual front facing doorsandwindowsthing that we, and most bands, usually use. I stole the idea from Charlie Hunter and Omaha Diner, who sat in the “U” shape for their show. I felt like they had great communication on stage, and they were able to really see each other and the audience. I think it worked the same way for us, and we’ll probably go to this setup for future shows. Cam, Mark and I (Sarah..hi!) all took various kinds of recordings at this show – I think two audio and one video – so hopefully we’ll have something cool to share with you in the next few days. I know we’re all anxious to take a look at how the “U” worked, and also just hear how we’re evolving from an outside perspective.

We had quite a few brand new audience members there tonight, who we had no previous connection to. We love that! They also seemed really into it. I saw people shake hands with our bass player, John Pounds, and give the guys in the band props for their playing prowess. There were also quite a few tips with nods and smiles attached to them. I talked with a couple of guys from the neighborhood following the show, and they were asking lots of questions about how we develop the songs, and “how do people end up in jazz bands, anyway, and not like punk or rock bands?” To each their own, I guess! It’s great to feel like people are enjoying the music and connecting with us.

The guys were so ON tonight! I feel like we’re finding new pathways through the tunes, and tightening up as a group. It’s a great feeling. Thanks to all who have been part of it, and continue along the way with us. We really appreciate you.

image image-2image-3

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