Vinyl Gold plays in Tri-Cities and Yakima, WA!

We headed out to Central WA over the weekend to play in Kennewick and Yakima, WA. The weather was sort of unbelievable at 75 and 80 degrees in April! We made so many new friends and spent time with a lot of friends and family, since Yakima is Sarah’s hometown.


In Kennewick we played at a hip music venue called The Roxy Bar. It had a great sound system and lights on the stage – what a treat! The staff was great, and the audience was fun and friendly. We really loved meeting all of you. A new friend, Fernando Pruneda got some video of a new song we debuted that night called “Home”. Here it is!

NEW SONG! “Home” by Vinyl Gold

The next day we headed to Yakima, WA to play at a Record Store Day 2015 Party at the local music store, Off The Record. Since Mark and Sarah are both vinyl collectors, we were really excited and honored to be included at this cool event. The outdoor stage was surrounded with people of all ages, and people’s mouths were agape as John started to play his first solo. We loved talking with the other bands that were there, and were struck with how cool it was that people that play all different kinds of music were hanging around and supporting each other. We appreciated their support for the out-of-towners! Special thanks to our “street team” Alison and Hannah!

We took a rest and ate dinner, after setting up for our late night show at Johnny’s Lounge at The Red Lion Hotel. We had so many familiar faces in the audience, including most of Sarah’s family! It was really special to share our music with you all, and we’re excited about coming back when our album is ready to release. Thanks for the love and support!

Vinyl Gold and Condition White with Dante Zapata at Mississippi Pizza

What a night! I’ve been stalking Condition White for awhile now, because we have rehearsal spaces in the same building. Sometimes I stand outside their door and dance in the hallway while they practice. I couldn’t be happier about meeting them and forming a friendship. Their brand of funky soul demands a dancefloor and we got one last night at the iconic Mississippi Pizza. I didn’t get any photos of Vinyl Gold, but here are some of Condition White!     

Vinyl Gold at Biddy McGraw’s on 12-6-14

Vinyl Gold had a fun show tonight at Biddy McGraw’s in Portland, OR! We tried out putting the band in a “U” shape, instead of the usual front facing doorsandwindowsthing that we, and most bands, usually use. I stole the idea from Charlie Hunter and Omaha Diner, who sat in the “U” shape for their show. I felt like they had great communication on stage, and they were able to really see each other and the audience. I think it worked the same way for us, and we’ll probably go to this setup for future shows. Cam, Mark and I (Sarah..hi!) all took various kinds of recordings at this show – I think two audio and one video – so hopefully we’ll have something cool to share with you in the next few days. I know we’re all anxious to take a look at how the “U” worked, and also just hear how we’re evolving from an outside perspective.

We had quite a few brand new audience members there tonight, who we had no previous connection to. We love that! They also seemed really into it. I saw people shake hands with our bass player, John Pounds, and give the guys in the band props for their playing prowess. There were also quite a few tips with nods and smiles attached to them. I talked with a couple of guys from the neighborhood following the show, and they were asking lots of questions about how we develop the songs, and “how do people end up in jazz bands, anyway, and not like punk or rock bands?” To each their own, I guess! It’s great to feel like people are enjoying the music and connecting with us.

The guys were so ON tonight! I feel like we’re finding new pathways through the tunes, and tightening up as a group. It’s a great feeling. Thanks to all who have been part of it, and continue along the way with us. We really appreciate you.

image image-2image-3

Vinyl Gold and Space Leech at McMenamin’s White Eagle Saloon

Vinyl Gold was pleased to have Jarred Venti sit in with us tonight on bass. Between a couple of early tunes, an audience member yelled out “that bass player is funky as SH*T!” So I guess we all know where Jarred stands with our fans! We really appreciated how quickly he picked up the material, his super friendly and professional attitude, and his funky and fantastic playing. I’m sure we’ll be seeing him again. (That’s him on the right)


Another crazy surprise was that Sarah’s sister Kim brought her a huge floral crown to wear during the show. Kim just opened her own floral design business called Hardcore Florist, and totally lives up to the name. If you can imagine it made of flowers, Kim can make it. There was talk of maybe doing a whole set design for us in flowers. Summer festival nostalgia, anyone?


After Vinyl Gold wrapped up, our friends Space Leech took the stage. They are a band that’s new to Portland, and really fun. Two Space Leech members are also in Vinyl Gold – Mark and Cam. We had a great time putting the two bands on one bill, and hopefully we’ll do it again, soon!

SpaceLeech2_11-28-14 SpaceLeech112814