The Birth of Vinyl Gold

Vinyl Gold is an original funk and soul band from Portland, OR.

Founders and songwriters Mark Bennett and Sarah Tollefson  are long-time friends and bandmates who have been playing music together in other bands for almost 10 years.  Their dream is to fill dancefloors with sweaty, exuberant new friends, and to bring their brand of funky soul music to the people. And it’s about to come true.

Mark is a multi-instrumentalist, but he loves the keys. He has been playing jazz since he was a kid, and it shows in his writing and playing style. He has been in giant swing bands, and tiny jazz trios, and has even played solo for payment in delicious soup. In Vinyl Gold, you’ll see him on keyboard, Rhodes electric piano, and the Hammond organ.

Sarah got her start in theatre arts, where she shined as a singer and performer.  She’s been in choirs of all shapes and sizes, jazz ensembles, and a 14-piece blues and funk band. You can often find her sitting in with other local musicians around town.  She is a powerful vocalist ranging the styles of funk, soul, blues and jazz.  Her range of styles and raw power are what have set her apart. She is totally in love with the music of Vinyl Gold, and would marry it.

Stay tuned for upcoming shows this fall – we can’t wait to party with you!

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