The End of COVID-19 (or Wishful Thinking)!

Hey VG Fans! We’re still here, are you? I hope you baked all the sourdough bread, watched every show on Netflix, and made good use of all those yoga pants you bought on amazon. More than that, I hope that you and yours are healthy and relatively ok. I don’t know about you, but we’re pretty excited for a fresh start in 2022, starting with some end-of-2021 shows!

Have you heard that we have a new horn section? The stars are Dan Nelson on sax, Levis Dragulin on trumpet, and Kyle Molitor on trombone. Mark and I dreamed of having a horn section since we started this band back in 2014, and it’s finally working out. We’re very pleased. I hope you’ll love it!

Vinyl Gold Album Release Party with The Supraphonics!


photo credit to Jason Houser


We had a blast at our album release last night! Thank you to The Supraphonics for sharing your show with us, to The Secret Society staff for being so kind, helpful, and responsive, and to all of our friends and family for celebrating with us in person or via texts, calls, and Facebook messages! It feels like we’re headed in a good direction, just one step at a time. It’s hard to believe what has happened in under a year – almost 35 shows, an album, a tour, our first music festival, and new fans all over the place. We’re so grateful. Let the party continue!

7/7/15 Vinyl Gold at Jimmy Mak’s

This week we had the opportunity to play on the Jimmy Mak’s stage again, and it was as exciting as the first time! The vibe is warm, people are coming to have a nice time, and the staff is great to work with. Is there a better gig?

My friend Tom Lupton was there taking photos, and got a nice portrait of me singing. Thanks Tom!


Vinyl Gold Photo Shoot!

The scene from above

The photo shoot, from above.

Who knew we could be so pretty?! It took hours for me to get all dolled up, while the guys wake up that way, I’m pretty sure. This all started because a friend suggested we meet with Natalie Kammerer to help style us as a band. She is a marketing, style, and branding guru. She needs her own velvet covered rock to sit on and say smart things. She helped us decide on a look, she shopped with us, she did my makeup (she’s a fantastic professional makeup artist), she powdered my sweat, held a reflector, and assisted Alicia throughout the shoot. We were so lucky to work with her!

We met at Music Millennium and once we connected with our photographer, Alicia Rose (Alicia J. Rose Photography, LLC) we went right to work. Alicia is hardworking, thoughtful, totally understands music photography, and is clearly a professional of high caliber. She has worked with some amazing people and I feel so fortunate that she agreed to work with us!

We played in the records, we sweated our faces off outside by the mural, and had a pretty great day. Here are some photos of the shoot, thanks to Faith Westcott!

Alicia tries to get the VG kids to open their eyes wider, stop sweating, and look sassy!

Alicia tries to get the VG kids to open their eyes wider, stop sweating, and look sassy!

Natalie reflects

Sarah T loves records.

This is one of my favorite photos, taken by Alicia J. Rose Photography, LLC. I call it “Sarah T loves records.”

Another great shot by Alicia J. Rose Photgraphy, LLC.

Vinyl Gold at Starday Tavern 6-6-15


Vinyl Gold at Starday Tavern, June 6, 2015

Thank you so much for another fun show at Starday Tavern in Portland, OR!

In August, we’re releasing our new album and going on tour to Central CA, so it was nice to blow off some steam and connect with our friends at an intimate show before stuff gets nuts. We would also like to wish a very happy birthday to Rhianna, who celebrated with us last night. I bet it’s great to be 21 for the (cough) time!

We’re about to have a busy couple of months, and hope that you’ll check our calendar for what’s coming up. Thank you again for your support!

Scott Nance took some really nice photos at the show, and I thought I would share a few here. Thank you, Scott!

Mark Bennett, Keys

Mark Bennett, Keys

Sarah Tollefson, Vocalist

Sarah Tollefson, Vocalist

Vinyl Gold & Argyle

So I have this idea. There are some really great jazz/funk bands here in the Pacific NW and I want to bring them together in a sweet Portland fest of sorts. Like Jam Cruise without the cruise, or maybe with the cruise? (The Sternwheeler, anyone? Portland Spirit? )

Tonight we played at The White Eagle with Argyle, a really fantastic instrumental band playing exactly the kind of music we love. You can hear strands of The Greyboy Allstars, The New Mastersounds, Robert Walter, and the rest of our heroes. Meeting these guys made a pretty quiet show feel so very worthwhile.

If you are interested in joining up with this posse of jazz/funk kids to put together a festival or monthly show, or jam or party or something that brings us together – you just let me know at Put “jazzfunk4ever” in the subject line and I’ll know we’re soulmates.

-Sarah T

Vinyl Gold plays in Tri-Cities and Yakima, WA!

We headed out to Central WA over the weekend to play in Kennewick and Yakima, WA. The weather was sort of unbelievable at 75 and 80 degrees in April! We made so many new friends and spent time with a lot of friends and family, since Yakima is Sarah’s hometown.


In Kennewick we played at a hip music venue called The Roxy Bar. It had a great sound system and lights on the stage – what a treat! The staff was great, and the audience was fun and friendly. We really loved meeting all of you. A new friend, Fernando Pruneda got some video of a new song we debuted that night called “Home”. Here it is!

NEW SONG! “Home” by Vinyl Gold

The next day we headed to Yakima, WA to play at a Record Store Day 2015 Party at the local music store, Off The Record. Since Mark and Sarah are both vinyl collectors, we were really excited and honored to be included at this cool event. The outdoor stage was surrounded with people of all ages, and people’s mouths were agape as John started to play his first solo. We loved talking with the other bands that were there, and were struck with how cool it was that people that play all different kinds of music were hanging around and supporting each other. We appreciated their support for the out-of-towners! Special thanks to our “street team” Alison and Hannah!

We took a rest and ate dinner, after setting up for our late night show at Johnny’s Lounge at The Red Lion Hotel. We had so many familiar faces in the audience, including most of Sarah’s family! It was really special to share our music with you all, and we’re excited about coming back when our album is ready to release. Thanks for the love and support!