Vinyl Gold and Condition White with Dante Zapata at Mississippi Pizza

What a night! I’ve been stalking Condition White for awhile now, because we have rehearsal spaces in the same building. Sometimes I stand outside their door and dance in the hallway while they practice. I couldn’t be happier about meeting them and forming a friendship. Their brand of funky soul demands a dancefloor and we got one last night at the iconic Mississippi Pizza. I didn’t get any photos of Vinyl Gold, but here are some of Condition White!     

Vinyl Gold plays in Seattle at Seamonster Lounge!

Last night we played in Seattle for the first time, at the Seamonster Lounge. The bartender, David, was so friendly and so was everyone else we met! I really hope we can play there again, soon.

Can you believe that several of my friends from high school in the 90’s came to see us tonight? So did my college friends from CWU! By the time we finished our last set the room was packed and I think we all had fun. It was great to catch up with a few friends before we rushed out the door for the long drive home. We safely made it in one piece, by the way.

It was extra special for me to have the opportunity to share this project with people I’ve been doing creative things with and dreaming dreams with for years. I heard “I’m proud of you” from two special people, and that means everything. Let’s do this again soon, please.



Vinyl Gold at Jimmy Mak’s

Well, we did it! We played our debut show at Jimmy Mak’s. Let me tell you, this is one of my bucket list goals checked off. I, Sarah, sang my original songs on the stage at Jimmy Mak’s. This is not something that I *ever* thought would happen! There were a lot of supportive texts and Facebook messages throughout the day, and I appreciate every single one. I thought we sounded good on stage, and our very friendly crowd was warm and seemed to have a good time! Thank you to all the folks that bought us drinks and food, and stuck around to enjoy The Mel Brown Septet.. We truly felt the love. I really hope we can play that room again, soon. Here are some pictures!


IMG_0193 copy 2